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The Heated Horse Bit Warmer is a patented product designed to warm and thaw freezing cold bits quickly and easily before your winter rides. The Bit Warmer is completely portable, without the need for electrical outlets. Wrap the Bit Warmer around any cold bits at the barn just a few minutes before your ride, secure the Velcro flap closed over top of the bit, and power the product on.

The battery is removable and rechargeable, providing hours of infrared heat on a single charge at three levels of heat intensity which can be toggled by pushing the power button and indicated by a color coded LED light that illuminates the power button. The Bit Warmer is easy to clean up with completely wipe-able materials so you don’t have to worry about mud and hay at the barn. No more need to mess around with microwaveable rice bags, or boiled gel packets to warm up a bit. This is the first product that can accomplish the task at the click of a button, no matter where you are, or what you have access to.

The product is designed not only for your convenience, but just as importantly for the safety and the comfort of your horse.

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